Palisade Fencing Cape Town

Palisade Fencing

We at Roofing and Steel recognised the need for a Parameter Protective Fence that really did what other Palisade Fencing fail to do...keep dangerous criminals out.

Directors Garry Kinnes and Eddie Windsor took their requirements off to their Research and Development Division where ideas were exchanged and other so called Protective Fence Designs were studied with a view to possibly making improvements to existing designs.

One design appeared to come close to our requirements but still showed its flaws because it allowed for criminals to find a hand hold on the decorative spike located at the top of each Pale. Never the less, it had potential. So we called in the help of our very competent Tool Designer and after making various adjustments to an existing Tool Design he came up with what we have justly called the Knight Ripper Spike and Knight Ripper Palisade Fence.

The Knight Ripper Spike is, unless the criminal concerned is positively suicidal, almost impossible to breach. There is simply nowhere to place ones hand on the body of the Knight Ripper where serious flesh damage would not result. Even the use of a ladder would not guarantee criminals a safe passage over the Knight Ripper without severe risk to skin and muscle damage.

Since inception the Knight Ripper has shown amazing success with the City of Cape Town as well as our many private clients placing orders for supply and installation. The Knight Ripper may be purchased directly from our Factory Shop in D.I.Y format or alternatively our company is able to offer a complete supply and installation package. Visit our gallery to view photos of the Knight Ripper as well as our other professional products including our Knight Vibracrete Wall Mounted Spike, another amazing innovation designed to combat the intense criminal activity being experienced in a land where criminals proliferate the top echelons of power and soak down to the very core of our society.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with securing your home or your business with a no nonsense price for a no nonsense product.